Is the quality of the battery related to the weight?

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The heavier the battery, the better the quality?
The center tip: the production skills of electric vehicle batteries are miscellaneous. The whole battery production process is mainly determined by the formula, paste, curing, charging, utilization rate of active substances, etc. instead of the simple components, the quality can be determined. The key is to see the utilization rate of active substances, battery capacity, discharge time and cycle life.
With the national policy in the electric vehicle industry, China's electric vehicle industry is developing at a high speed. Especially, the development of lead-acid battery skills has promoted the rapid development of transportation. The application of electric goods also makes it easy and useful to improve the development. It is the vigorous development of the electric vehicle battery profession, companies swarmed in, the professional competition is becoming hot, various promotion methods emerge endlessly, let consumers see the eye.
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