Development trend of polymer battery

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The future development direction of polymer battery technology is all solid-state battery. Recently, American scientists announced the development of all solid-state lithium sulfur battery, which is the solid-state product of liquid lithium-ion battery and can improve energy density. The performance of polymer battery has not reached the level of solid battery. The energy density target of solid battery is 400wh / kg, 3000 cycle life (10 years), and the rate performance, capacity and safety are greatly improved, so that the polymer battery has the dual advantages of high capacity battery and high rate battery.
The first requirement of all solid-state battery is the solid electrolyte. At present, many domestic batteries are fake "polymers", which are soft liquid electrolyte batteries, and they are called soft polymer batteries abroad. The electrolyte materials and additives of solid-state battery should be able to improve the electrochemistry and thermal stability. The other purpose of using additives is to make the heat dissipation performance and conductivity of the battery not affected by the solid form.
Polymer battery has many obvious advantages, such as high energy density, miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight, high safety and low cost. It is more and more used in all aspects of social life. The future development direction of polymer battery is all solid state battery. Its service life, rate performance, capacity and safety will be greatly improved.
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